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Pultrusion Machine  
Pneumatic Actuating Gripper
PULLING CAPACITY 2000 kgf to 10000 kgf. [And More on Special Req.]
PULLING SPEED 0.04 Meter/Min. to 1.8 Meter/Min.
DIE CLAMPING BED 1000mm X 1100mm
MOVING PULLER SIZE 600 X 600 to 1000 X 650mm [2 Nos.]
NO. OF GRIPPERS 1, 2, 3 Nos. / Puller
CLAMPING FORCE By Pneumatic Actuating System
HEATING ZONE 3 – 9 , Depending upon no. of Grippers
ELECTRICAL POWER REQUIRED 2.0 to 7.5 Kw for Hydraulic Power Pack
Heating Requirement (Depending up on Size of mould)
COMPRESSED AIR REQUIRED Approx- 10-12 CFM, & 5 -6 Kg/Cm² Pressure.
COLLING WATER REQUIRED 40 lpm @ 26 – 28 C˚ [ form cooling tower ]
ACCESSORIES Glass Roving (Creel) Stands, Roving Guides, Perform Guides, Resin Impregnation Bath, Resin Pressure Injection System, Glass Mat Roll Feeding Station, Automatic Section Cutter, Section conveying Roller Table, Glass Mat Slitter & Pultrusion Mold,
Approximately Overall Dimensions Length Width Height
  6500 – 8000mm 1000mm 2000mm
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